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Jacob looked somewhat amused at Nicolas’ reaction to his weapons, but before he could say something the young man ran off telling them to get ready and be at the north exit of the city in 30 minutes. Just then Clarke piped up and said not to trust Nicolas because he might be power hungry then Clarke discredited the rumors he was using to justify not trusting this Nicolas. Once Clarke finished Jacob opened his mouth and spoke his mind, “Yes, let’s go wandering the unknown road unarmed after all your leaders were murdered in this land. I think I will keep my weapons on me for now.”

Jacob then turned his attention to Clarke and said in a cold voice, “Don’t worry if anyone betrays me I will put a bullet in his or her head.” Jacob’s demeanor was calm as he spoke of killing and the air he put out hinted he that he would do it without hesitation. “If you don’t trust him perhaps you should ask to be reassigned to someone else instead of following him who knows where. Personally I don’t care, I’m a mercenary… I don’t really have any loyalty to your Republic,” added Jacob. He then turned and began to walk toward the north part of town. Jacob thought about what he had said. It was true he wasn't loyal to the Republic, but would he actually take a job for the Pokemon if they offered him one? Jacob shook his head and smiled to himself while muttering to himself, “Like they would ever hire me… no reason to even think of the impossible.” He then sighed as the thought went through his head that if the Human Republic didn't hire him then who would on this rock?

‘Well if they don’t perhaps some “opportunist’ would want a personal bodyguard with my skill set,’ thought Jacob as he realized his plan to come here might not have been as solid as he had originally thought.
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