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Ah, so, I watched with subs this time and oops I'm crying

- Charizard was actually in the Valley until Oak called up and requested him to fly over. Which apparently took like no time at all?? ok w/e
- Unfezant and Swellow and Staraptor are going to be having speed competitions at Oak's place haha perf Pidgeot can visit and join in
- Stiiill don't know why Dent didn't release his Pokémon to meet Charizard.
- I'm thinking now that FBI agent said it- yeah, that fight between Charizard and Dragonite was far too closely matched.
- Charizard's moveset is dumb. Wing Attack + Slash + Flamethrower + Dragon Tail ??? Who the frick got rid of Seismic Toss?!
- Dragon Tail's animation takes forEVER. Christ I hope they don't use that particular bit as stock animation and play it over and over and over again.

I really really liked that ending though. Like I knew Charizard was rejoining, but I didn't connect it to when he left. Then, Ash said something like "We'll travel together when you're the strongest in the world", right. And now, "You've gotten a lot stronger. Would you like to travel with us again?" Wow. That's... you can see that on Charizard's face. It's like re-acceptance. He knows Ash has always loved him, but I'm sure it hurt not to be actually travelling with him. I'm sure he was training every day to be the strongest in the world so he could travel with Ash again. I mean just... aah.

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