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If I have any kids at all in the future, I'd probably want two. I'd probably adopt since I have a particularly annoying health issue that would probably be passed on if I actually gave birth myself and I wouldn't wish it on any daughter of mine sooo it'd either have to be adoption or, should I end up with another female, her kid. :P Sometimes I get into this phase where I'd really like to have/raise kids and other times I snap out of it and go back to the "oh god too much work not in a million years" mindset.

Depends on if I end up with anyone long term and what their opinion on raising a family is like. I wouldn't want to have just one child because that sounds dreadfully lonely but I wouldn't want any more than two. I also wouldn't want to be a single mother because that sounds way too stressful and I wouldn't want to take on the challenge of raising kids all alone, so it's something I would definitely need a partner for. I think the idea of committing to a partner scares me more than the idea of childbirth or raising kids though. Wonder what that says about me? :P

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