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Game: Platinum

Hey there! It's Sophie or previously known as Rainbow Arcanine, I remember saying sometime ago in the 'What's your team?" thread that I was going to replay Platinum with a certain team. I never really had the chance to get cosy and have a good, proper playthrough of the game but since having more free time lately with exams and schoolwork over, I decided to finally get started!

Upon starting up the game, I half-listened to Professor Rowan's speech before choosing the female protagonist and naming her Sophie after myself. I watched as I shrunk to the rough size of a figurine and entered the world of Pokemon. Upon waking up in my room, my rival (Barry), burst in with a huge grin on his face. He said something hurriedly before saying he'd fine me ten million dollars if I was late. To be honest if I had to pay Barry everytime he considered I was late, I'd most likely be bankrupt by now. XD;

I rushed downstairs and listened to my Mum chatting about how not to venture out into the tall grass, ignoring her I gave a quick nod and headed out. Upon getting outside, I decided to check on Barry to see if he was home. As I walked up to his front door, he suddenly burst out and if it was reality, I'd probably have a bleeding nose for weeks on end. :x

But as this was a game, I was pushed backwards around a few spaces before Barry gave that cocky grin again. He said something about heading to Route 201 and another fine before bolting off. Sighing, I followed him to Route 201, only to find him standing there impatiently. He complained for a few minutes on my slowness (even though I only took 20 seconds to get there :p) before suggesting an idea. He said that they should try visit Professor Rowan in Sandgem Town and see if we could both receive a Pokemon but the only problem was the tall, thick grass ahead of us. He said we should just keep dashing and surely no wild Pokemon would catch us, I thought the idea was ridiculous but it was worth a try.

Before we could actually test out this idea, someone yelled at us to stop. Wheeling around, I saw Professor Rowan walking to the two of us. He talked with us for a moment about our foolishness and then asked if we liked Pokemon. A moment later Dawn appeared with a heavy looking suitcase. Professor Rowan told us we could choose a starter of our choice which took a surprising turn (to be quite honest the first time I played, I thought he would send us to some sort of dungeon XD;)

I chose the Tiny Leaf Pokemon Turtwig seeing as I'd already used Piplup and Chimchar in previous playthroughs so it would be fun giving Turtwig a go. My rival obviously wanted an advantage and immediately scooped up Chimchar before we had a quick battle. It mainly consisted of scratches, tackling and leers, before I won although narrowly. We took a rest at home and the journey continued.

I did all of the basic tutorial things and was taught how to catch Pokemon for the five thousandth seven hundred and eighty second time before being handed Pokeballs. I caught a Shinx which I called Lemon along with a Bidoof I called Chocolate for HM Slave purposes. After training Lemon to around Level 9, I battled the trainers with little difficulty and made my way to Jubilife.

I talked to Looker, a member of the International Police before delivering the package to Barry and obtaining a Town Map. Then I found myself facing a stronger Barry again before easily winning with the help of my new team member, Shinx. I battled the trainers on the route rather quickly before heading to the Oreburgh Gates and catching a Psyduck.

I guess I'll update again probably next week. :3
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