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I like your story, everything seems rather well thought off. The only thing that bothers me is having multiple regions... It requires a lot of work to implement just one region. There are balancing issues as well, how strong would your Pokemon be after you're done in Serene? Also, think about the amount of towns... Kanto and Hoenn will add a whopping 26 new towns to our game, will they each have their own unique purpose? Pokemon is balanced around a single region...

Don't be too ambitious, you can make more than a wonderful game with just Serene. I know you dream big, but Serene is a gem, don't waste it by putting it on rusted ring...

If you're looking for a region map, try contacting NikNaks, he should be able to help you out. If you need help with mapping/eventing and other general design/planning issues, I'm your man!

Good luck!