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    Completed it once in Soul Silver. (It was a pretty amazing feeling since I've been playing since red, blue and yellow) I'm not sure if I'll do it again in XY. Maybe.

    It's really not that difficult to complete the pokedex now that we have online wireless, it's just time consuming.

    As for incentive...I would actually like them to add some kind wildlife preserve (not a safari zone) which you could add pokemon to and every pokemon has different effects on the eco system. (i.e bring pokemon population up or down, causing certain plants to flourish) For example some pokemon might attack other pokemon and make their numbers dwindle. How well each type of pokemon would survive depends on the plants and berries you plant in an area. The end goal would be to organise your nature preserve in such a way that every single type of pokemon lives in harmony. (albeit some kept a safe distance from each other) Also pokemon would breed on their own, so you'd have an overall population number for each pokemon.

    Even if it's not that I think it would be incentive if they gave pokemon more unique purposes and effects. Even if they changed how the pokemon box works so that they appear in the professors back garden and you can watch how they interact (like pokemon ranch)
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