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    Penance and Alicia

    Blue... it was a lovely color to the Golduck. Granted his body was a sleek blue tone, but it was the color of the ocean, the color of the sky even! He always enjoyed the deep shades of blue that the ocean could be. In fact this was the best way he enjoyed spending his time, just sitting on the beach and listening to the waves with a friend. Penance looked over at the Gardevoir and smiled, "So, I was thinking... what if a small group of water types could act as carriers? We have some pokemon like Lapras and what not; surely it could mean you would be able to stay with me wherever I went. Lapras are very fast, though would you be comfortable with it? I wouldn't want to put you in an element that causes you to tense up too much, that could be dangerous as well."

    Alicia sat staring out over the ocean's gently rippling waves, her hands in the sand by her sides. She seemed lost in thought for just a few moments before blinking gently, turning her head to look to the Golduck by her side below a fringe of her green, silky hair. "Oh... sorry, I was just thinking. I suppose it could work. It's really the only viable way for me to travel by sea at all. I'm just not sure about... you know, riding on another Pokémon like that. Teleporting you and myself is one thing, but standing or sitting on top of another..." She trailed off and gave a little shrug, turning her gaze to one of the pebbles scattered around the sand. Her eyes glowed a faint purple as one of the pebbles lifted up and was sent skidding across the water's surface.

    Penance smiled as Alicia casually used her psychic powers to toss the pebble. "But it would also be a feasible means for me to keep a good eye on you. And it would really help to justify you on the battlefield. You're a powerful psychic so any small help would be... well... helpful." He looked out at the ocean once more as a small wave hit against the shoreline. "I fear once this war with those newcomers gets really going then we'll be apart more than I would like. Sure there would be times where we are given breaks, no doubt, but at the same time it's going to be working all day. With those Caerulus pokemon rubbing on one side of us, and those... creatures rubbing on the other side I am very sure we will all be deep in work." He sighed, "Still, those creatures... humans right? I still don't see why we can't just swim over and kill them all. I'm sure we can get a few of the troops rounded together, hit them from the sea, maybe even destroy that settlement of theirs. If they have no place to live they have to leave right?"

    "Mmh..." Alicia murred out, her eyes on the pebble still continuing to skid away on the waves until it was lost from sight. Her brows furrowed slightly as she tossed her head gently to the side, moving a lock of green hair away from her face, turning her head back to look at Penance. "I'm not sure. From the rumors I've heard, they apparently have some powerful weapons, said to kill unarmored Pokémon in nearly an instant." She then pauses, looking a little thoughtful before focusing again. "You did hear the announcement a short while ago, right? There's supposedly a meeting going to be happening between our tribe and Caerulus. I think they want to make some kind of... truce, to deal with the humans. I'm... not sure how well it's going to go down, or if it's even a good idea at all. Even if I want our tribes to just... handle each to our own, I'm not sure if either of us can take on the other tribe -and- the humans." She turns her gaze skywards, taking a deep breath of air. "I think I should go with them to the meeting. In case they need a medic." Her voice let it be known that she had already decided, but she also made it clear that she was hoping he would offer to come with them.

    Penance nodded slowly at her words. In a way they made sense, the two tribes were far from allies. In fact, to Penance's ears it sounded like the Caerulus tribe would try to ambush them at this so called 'meeting'. If one thought about it, it made much more sense. All of their important leaders and planners would be going. It would be so easy for those Caleruluians to just grab some of their strongest soldiers, have a few of their own great the diplomats and then start reigning down fire and rocks upon them. There was a type advantage on their side of course... but there was all the advantage of surprise as well. "Alicia... I fear this is a trap. I must say that now. All of the important pokemon are going to it... what's to stop them from simply laying waste to the important pokemon in our ranks and ending the hatred here and now by hunting us down?" He closed his eyes and breathed in the fresh salty air. "I can't stop you from going, I know that, but I think I have to at least raise that possibility with the others. We need to make a few plans... some counters just in case I am right. I wish not to be right... but if I end up being right then I want the least amount of causalities we can afford."

    "I understand." She paused for a few moments, her fingers trailing softly through the sand, burrowing into it and pulling out again, enjoying the feel of it, and of the sound of the splashing waves. "But don't you think they're thinking the same? I know this might very well be a trap. And I really don't think we'd be able to work together with them, even if we have to... but we have to try. I'm afraid of what the humans will be able to do if we just wall ourselves up in the sea and on our islands." She lowered her gaze from the sky to look over to her friend again, concern easily readable in her expression. "I'm fairly sure we'll have a couple plans at the ready, but you should definitely go and offer your advice to it. You're an amazing tactician, Pen', it'd only help them. And... well, I'd feel more at ease with you there as well." She admitted the last with a light smile on her lips, raising an elegant arm to let her hand gently tap his bill in a playfully friendly manner.

    Penance chuckled at that and patted her softly on her shoulder, "Alicia, you are an amazing psychic. Yes, we will need all the help we can get. Besides, I have to be there to see if my plans are able to work correctly right?" He smiled at her, "I ask you not to worry my friend. We go in ready for anything. With you by my side anything is possible." He glanced about and nodded. "Yeah, we'll come out on this war on top, I'll make sure of it. Now, we should head back to the others and get ready. It'll be quite a trip to the meeting place and we should pack lightly. We'll go over some plans before of course. No need to have those stupid fire types be dominant while we are there right?" He asked with a soft chuckle. He stood up and stretched his body. "This will be quite the meeting though. I am never one to miss action."

    Alicia nodded, watching as Penance stood up and stretched out before following along, standing up and brushing herself down with long, elegant movements. "I hope you're right. About coming out on top. And you have to keep in mind that there are more than just fire types in the other tribe. Just something to consider during your planning." She gave a little smirk as she turned and stepped past him, heading towards the square where the others were preparing to head off, casually saying over her shoulder; "Not that I'd ever doubt you or your plans."

    Penance just chuckled at her comment, "I'll make do, don't worry Alicia." He called after her. The Golduck followed after his friend, and went to where he knew he would be needed. Aecor was a logical thinker and hopefully would be in the mood to hear his words. The crowd was in a good mood at the moment and Penance was able to spot Aecor through the pokemon and made a bee-line to him. The Golduck bowed his head before the Kingdra. "Aecor... if I may have a moment of your time before we depart. Things must be discussed sir. Important things if you will." He made sure to emphasize that last part. They could not go in empty handed and he didn't want to stir up the crowd too much. Aecor had a way with words... Penance didn't. He just talked about what he thought could happen which would more often then not scare the soldiers and rustle some feathers... but now something had to be said. He didn't enjoy destroying Aecor's good mood... and while both tribes were at peace there was still hatred there that had to be addressed. It was for the good of his tribe.
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