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    Indeed, Zeph's eyes of concern were quite a rare and valuable sight. After all, the bird had often cloaked himself with a veil of mystery and nonchalance, making it almost impossible to see the softer bit inside him. In Zepheros' opinion, doing so was rather necessary. Other than creating a stronger, more threatening impression of himself, it would also avoid unnecessary drama regarding emotions and psychological matters...though sometimes, just sometimes, Zeph wouldn't mind letting it slip. What harm could be done anyway?

    More uninteresting planes traveled across the sky, leaving a white trail behind them as if they were trying to mark the Pokemon-infested territory with smoke. Bold acts, Zeph had to admit, a little too bold. If they're trying to scare the innocent, then they've done an excellent job...

    "Working with the humans is a death sentence. No matter what," Galeno said, "They declared war on us. All of us. They would rather skin us alive than help us, I reckon. So it goes."

    "Living under pressure like this is not going to work in the long run. Though I agree with you, something has to be negotiated between us Pokemon and the infiltrating scum that's knocking on our region's door," Zeph growled under his breath. "Adam...he's not all wrong though. If we fought them when they invaded Slateport, the same outcome would occur - we would either lose or be overpowered by Ruber or perhaps even the Humans later on. He's been avoiding fights, and even though I hate to admit this, he's not making the wrong decision. It's just that we need to play our cards right and stay safe. We can't afford to lose half a city, let alone the entire tribe."

    Galeno's voice then turned into a small whisper. "You don't believe in any of that Groudon-Kyogre prophecy crud either, right? I mean, that it was necessary to fight a war over it."

    Zeph thought for a moment, closing his eyes before landing his gaze onto Galeno once more. "Hm. The Groudon-Kyogre incident's been there for ages...i'd buy it to a certain degree. We need morale. Fighting for the land god is a good way to increase it. Furthermore, I'm staying neutral about this matter. There are citizens that believe in this prophecy, and there are definitely some that don't. What I'm saying is that by staying in the gray zone, I can make sure that both sides are still satisfied. Look at Adam. Some people don't like him not only because he's stubborn - he's disliked because a number of tribe members disagree with his 'bullcrap'. Best way is to stay in the middle. Balance always plays an important factor..."

    A sudden question popped up in this mind, allowing him to change topics relatively quickly. "What do you think of...Trev? Is he trying to be leader? What are your thoughts, Galeno?" He hoped that Galeno was getting the message - Zeph wanted change...

    And he also wanted to be leader.


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