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    Hi there. Unfortunately I'm away from home now and the only way I can play Emerald is through my Iphone, but cheats for wild pokèmon don't work, so if anybody has some spare time for something very simple I would appreciate very much!

    Game: Pokémon Emerald

    Player's name: EMERALD (all caps please)

    Charmander, lvl 2
    Larvitar, lvl 2
    Magikarp, lvl 2
    Dratini, lvl 2
    Bagon, lvl 2
    MewTwo, lvl 2

    Additional information: Nothing special, just help the professor and while you're heading for May catch all the above pokèmon in the first pile of grass, then save and I'll start playing from there on with the pokèmon I like.

    ***VERY IMPORTANT***: All pokèmon males, please.

    Thanks a bunch!