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    Originally Posted by WeightyWillBill View Post
    Then I'm afraid you're not going to be playing this challenge. If you're not going to respect the rules, then I'm afraid you won't be recognized in the OP even if you do finish the game.

    I apologize but you have to use the team you were given, unless they either 1. don't respect your original restrictions or 2. are unavailable to you.
    - You MAY [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]hack[/COLOR][/COLOR] in Pokemon you receive randomly.
    - Trading is allowed.
    - If you're giving someone a team, leave out things like Magikarp and Catterpie, please. We don't want to be cruel here.
    - If you cannot obtain a Pokemon, do not replace it with what you want (it defeats the whole fun "random" thing).. Instead, ask for a redraw of that/those Pokemon.
    - You are allowed as many HM slaves as you want. Of course you can switch Pokemon around using the PC, but if you have 6 Pokemon, that's who you will defeat the champ with. Just don't use HM slaves in major battles unless it's forced out (Roar/Whirlwind; or it's the last team mate you have left where you might as well sacrifice it)
    - No Legendaries, Except for those with a BST under 600.
    - REMEMBER to confirm your teams, so I know that you have no problems with it and i can add you (:
    Well gee honeybuns I fail to see any rule I haven't followed
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