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    Galeno - Lavaridge Town
    The Ampharos grunted. He folded his arms, like an automatic subtle defence mechanism to the counter-argument of the bird and his eyes just pointing towards the top corner away from the Staraptor. The aeroplane washed out of existence, and the jet trail dissolved, the artificial cloud spread over a larger and larger surface and became thinner and thinner. He figured that anyone who had the means to follow the trail would bounce upon Slateport, and be met with a hail of bullets from the humans: projectiles that flew faster than the speed of sound, and made deeper lacerations than the strongest drill peck.

    Farran always told Galeno that the Groudon-Kyogre story was a mere excuse for the ulterior motives of Aecor and Adamantius to convert their pawns. It was easy to change the colour of the grey pieces, but once who is white and who is black was determined, getting them to unite under a common banner against a bigger third player was going to be difficult, especially to keep them under a unified banner after the colonialists' threat was removed, and then finding out white suffered the most losses. The damn aristocracy was at fault, and the bloodshed of the Great War covered the war of the classes. The former was a tragedy, but the latter was outright malicious manipulation, and now that the humans arrived to profit off of the lands, weakened by a schism running through its centre, they fell into their own traps, and of course it were the common folks who suffered. And what a clever rouse it was until that moment. They were the geniuses after all to instigate killings of religious fervour, after all. When the rich wage war...

    "Trev?" Galeno shifted his eyes to a different corner of his sockets and shrugged, "He means well, sorta. But surely he's not to actually take charge, without Adamantius I mean. He's more one to direct the leader than to put himself in the lone top position." Galeno thought of Trev as being too vulnerable to run himself into a figurehead status, with no one to peel at above him. That's what he was good at. Peeling away at the above guys, not stamping down on the ones below him. "More like a housewife than a father, if you ask me," he gave a snide addendum to it, holding a smug smirk on his face and stifling a cackle. His elated expression died out again, and he slacked a sigh when he gazed at the sky. Well, the jet trail had dissipiated by now, the metal bird was probaby perched in one of those aerofields by now, along with the rest of the machines that were going to mean hell to him if the silence before the storm got broken. "And who knows, Zeph. Maybe what was the extreme becomes the new grey zone if we work for it," Galeno said, "I just don't want to believe that a bunch of doodles on a wall in a cave are the only things that could give us a purpose. There must be something else we can feel sincere to fight for, right?"
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