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    Originally Posted by Ajduk View Post
    Thank you

    Would it be too much to ask that you make an updated GameBoid version of the game for us who want to play on Android devices? I know that there is a way to make this gba version run on gameboid, but if you google it, you will see that a lot of people can't make it work for some reason. I have tried everything, all suggestions to make it work, and it didn't.
    At the end, I found an already fixed version and downloaded it.

    About those trade evolutions:

    Did you consider making them evolve on a certain level?
    There is a black and white hack that does that(if I remember correctly) so I guess that it could work here as well.

    Thank you for continuing your work on this awesome game
    Just an FYI, I'm not the game creator. That credit goes to Wesley, and Snakebyte was the first to release some updates to the game after him. As such, I can't do anything to convert the game anyhow, and even so, we always recommend that you play it using the current version of VisualBoyAdvance as other emulators - well - aren't as good. Per the PSP comment someone made earlier, there's nothing we can do about that either. In fact, I once helped someone who couldn't see underwater segments at all on her emulator by providing a map and directions through; she made it through and challenged the E4.

    I'm not sure where the English patch originated, but I'm glad it did. Otherwise I might not have tried it.

    EDIT: A note on Electivire. I just poked around my PC and found it hanging around in mine. This is the same Elekid from Yellow Town, and it's at Lv.40. I think it evolved naturally! If not, try using a Thunderstone and that might do it.

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