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    Episode N 004/BW Season 2 028/BW 112

    Satoshi-tachi arrive in Sangi Town and are confronted with something controlling the minds of Pokémon. They meet up with Handsome and discover Achroma's division of Plasma.

    7 February 2013 [Japan]

    - so Achroma is just a crazy dude vaguely going along with Plasma/inventing crap for them to use out of his own sick curiosity
    - oh oh they mentioned Sangi Ranch at the beginning!
    - it's still funny that Meowth has to be restrained
    - I like that the TRio still have a primary goal of getting Pika, but they're being creative about it. And screwing up Plasma's plans.
    - there are so many needless explosions in this series. it's starting to irritate me.
    - Achroma being fascinated by Pika's power ahahaha
    - and Angie telling him off omg
    - and the TRio casually hacks into Achroma's computers yay
    - I hope Rocket vs Plasma will be something common

    So I really liked this episode. The dynamics between and within the different factions were interesting and Achroma's an psycho but entertaining. Even though I mostly dislike him.

    also how creepy it this oh my god

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