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First update:

-got a squirtle as a starter
-did the parcel thing
-got to viridian forest and captured Caterpie and Weedle
-dumped squirtle in the PC
-Both evolved into Metapod and Kakuna
-Got to pewter city
-went back and trained
-Metapod and Kakuna evolved into Butterfree and Beedrill
-took a while to beat Brock, had to be lucky so Butterfree could use confusion on onix which used Rock Tomb a lot
-got to Mt.Moon where i captured Paras
-Got to Cerulean City
-Defeated misty
-Got to S.S Anne Ticket
-Got to Vermilion City
-Went on the S.S Anne and Paras Evolved into Parasect
-Got Cut
-Defeated Lt.Surge
-Got to Lavender where i saved
The Favorite Challange III

Completed challanges:
The Formulated challange
Psychic Monotype challange
The Eeveelutions Challange