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SCYKE ICK - Route 101

After what had been a glorious sunny day in Littleroot Town, a sudden change of weather struck Scyke as he suddenly started shivering in cold. "Snow?! But it was just so sunny a few minutes ago!" Several lads around him seemed to be shocked by the abrupt drop in temperature, and were uncontrollably hugging themselves to warm up. Scyke couldn't understand what was happening. Then he remembered that he still had Pikachu on his shoulder. "Zap, do you want to come back to your Pokeball? The weather is freeeeezing, and I wouldn't want you to be too cold!" Zap replied by shaking his head; he wanted to stay outside. His fur had kept him warm so far, and so the cold didn't matter much to him. "Well, suit yourself..." Scyke started rubbing his sides and progressed through the tall grass.

As Scyke swayed past the vines and such he noticed a small figure walking towards him. "Oh hello, is that a Pokemon?..." Scyke pulled out his PokeDex from his bag and booted it up, pointing towards the thing, "Well, let's make a use out of this then... it's saying that the Pokemon is a Snover? 3'3", that must be why it looks so small... and an Ice/Grass type. Sweet." Scyke put away his PokeDex and called out to Zap, "Aight Zap, this is it, our first battle together!" Zap jumped out of Scyke's shoulder and readied himself on the snowy ground. "Ok, I saw a trainer using this once... USE THUNDER!!" Zap twisted his head around, a confused face on his little face. Thunder? What kind of command was that? All he knew was Growl, Tail Whip, Thundershock and move called Hidden Power, which he was born with. Thunder was not in his attack list.

Scyke scratched his head, unsure about why his Pikachu was looking at him like that. Then he remembered what Professor Birch had said - just because a Pokemon was a certain type didn't mean that they could do whatever move of that type that they liked; they could only know up to four moves, and when at a low level a Pokemon only knew some basic moves. Before Scyke could think what kind of move he could call out Zap to use, multiple razor-sharp leaves started incoming towards Scyke and Zap's direction. Before long, both human and Pokemon was slammed into the ground, Scyke worse off with a few cuts from the attack. Whoever this Snover was, it was pretty strong.

Scyke hadn't expected to get this hurt on his first battle.

He picked himself up, and so did Zap. Snover than revealed himself and let out a little cry; ready for battle. Scyke quickly zipped his bag open again and grabbed the PokeDex. "There must be some info about Zap here... come on..." Zap sighed at his hopeless trainer, and took the matter at his own hands. He jumped up with electric sparking out of his little red dots on his chicks, and then sparked an electrifying attack towards the Snover. The white and brown creature was in a state of shock, as the attack had hit it critically; after the Thundershock finished, Snover stumbled backwards and shook away the hit. Scyke was in awe. "That was totally amazing, Zap! But Snover seems a little too ok for my liking..." Snover slapped his hand together in-front of him and a light blue light formed; a few seconds later, wind picked up near the light before sparkling blue powder was burst and directed right towards Zap. The Pikachu tried to jump out of the way but it was too late; the attack was too fast and accurate. Zap was thrown backwards by the attack and just about managed to stand up again. Scyke wasn't feeling great about the situation.

"Professor Birch told me something about having info on my Pokemon in this PokeDex thi- ah! Here it is - Pikachu's moves..." After a quick read through, Scyke had a basic understanding on what Zap could do and called out his first ever attack. "Zap - USE THUNDERSHOCK!"

Zap nodded and quickly charged himself with electric energy before attacking with it towards the wild Snover. It wasn't effected as much the second time around, but Snover was feeling weaker. Scyke took out an empty Pokeball and enlarged it. "This is it - you seem strong, Snover! I'mma catch you and we will be great partners, you got that?" Scyke lobbed the Pokeball towards the Frost Tree Pokemon and just about managed to hit it's mountain-like head. The capsule opened and sucked the creature inside it before vigorously shaking in the ground. Scyke and Zap focused on the Pokeball, waiting for something to happen. Had Scyke caught his first Pokemon?

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