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Wait a moment, why do you have Cresselia using Trick Room when none of your other pokemon but MAYBE Metagross can utilize it? Either replace that move with something else or create a new Trick Room team. Trick Room teams require the speed IV to be as low as possible, by preference 0, and no EV investment. Also, it's better if Cresselia is Calm rather than Bold because you see far more special attackers than physical attackers. If you're planning to tank hits from stuff like Tyranitar, then that's fine. No guarantee it'll do a decent job absorbing hits, however.

Optional Cress:
Calm Cresselia @ Sitrus Berry / Chesto Berry
~ Icy Wind / Thunder Wave
~ Psychic
~ Light Screen / Reflect
~ Helping Hand / Rest
Terriermon and Lopmon

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