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    I believe that's all of the bugs. Possibly. Probably not. Either way, I don't think I'll be seeing any more glitches around...
    Let's see...Tyranitar learning Dragon Dance...I'd say either put it as a Tyranitar Lv.1 so it has to go to the Move Re-learner, or around 65 plus or minus a few levels.


    Green Leaf's border visible here.

    This woman in a house on Cianwood Island talks about Hidden Power but gives Water Pulse.

    Border visible on Low Point Path.

    Surf sprite cuts under lighthouse. North of Silkwind.

    In Hevah League's Cave

    This room in the Leon Empire.

    This gym in Cianwood has these strange tiles, but only when you enter the map via the east. I think it's just a palette inconsistency between Cianwood and the Whirl Island maps, so it should be easy to fix.

    -Volbeat learns Iron Slash.
    -Spinda learns Blessing and Iron Slash.
    -Venipede line learns Iron Slash.
    -Geodude line learns Iron Slash.
    -Meditite line learns Blessing.
    -Sprizzle has Cute Charm as an ability but is genderless; thus rendering its ability ineffective.
    -Blaziken has Charizard's stats.