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Sinnoh changed again it was restoring in the north, I had to find the Fire Types primary location then Heatran since he was the second key. I flew over Stark Mountain but he wasn't there, the entire area was covered in darkness it was hard to see, I called Shadow and Torrent "Have you two seen any fire-types?" I asked, Shadow replied "I saw steam coming from the coast near Iron Island, there are some water pokemon there fighting something, that could be where the fire types are" Shadow replied "Do you want me to check it out?" he asked, "No, I've gotta handle this one you should follow the Musketeers" I replied, "wait how did you..." I hung up before he could finish.

I reached Iron Island and saw a volcano, this was definetly where Heatran was. I went to an opening, the heat was so intense. I ventured in anyway and found Maxie...

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