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    Unova Saga Episode Thread Index

    Please do not post in these threads; they are here for archive purposes only and will be locked if revived.


    Quick Jump

    English: Black & White | Rival Destinies | Adventures In Unova | Adventures in Unova and Beyond

    Japanese: Best Wishes | Best Wishes Season 2 | Episode N | Decolora

    Black & White

    "In the Shadow of Zekrom!"
    "Enter Iris and Axew!"

    "A Sandile Gusher of Change"
    "The Battle Club and Tepig's Choice"
    "Triple Leaders, Team Threat"
    "Dreams by the Yard Full!
    "Snivy Plays Hard To Catch!"
    "Saving Darmantian From the Bell!"
    "The Bloom is on Axew!"
    "A Rival Battle for Club Champ!"
    "A Home for Dwebble"
    "Here Comes the Trubbish Squad"
    "Minccino - Neat and Tidy!"
    "A Night in the Nacrene City Museum"
    "The Battle According to Lenora"
    "Rematch at the Nacrene Gym"
    "Scraggy-Hatched to be Wild!"
    "Sewaddle and Burgh in Pinwheel Forest!"
    "A Connoisseur's Revenge!"
    "Dancing With The Ducklett Trio!"
    "The Lost World of Gothitelle!"
    "A Venipede Stampede!"
    "Battling For The Love of Bug-Types!"
    "Emolga the Irresistible!"
    "Emolga and the New Volt Switch!"
    "The Scare at the Litwick Mansion!"
    "Dragon Master's Path!"
    "Oshawott's Lost Scalchop!"
    "Cottonee in Love!"
    "A UFO for Elgyem!
    "Ash & Trip's Third Battle!"
    "Facing Fear With Eyes Wide Open!"
    "Iris and Excadrill Against the Dragon Buster!"
    "Gotta Catch A Roggenrola!"
    "Where Did You Go, Audino?"
    "Archeops In The Modern World"
    "A Fishing Connoisseur in a Fishy Competition"
    "Movie Time! Zorua in 'The Legend of the Pokémon Knight'!"
    Club Battle
    - "Reunion Battles In Nimbasa!"
    - "Cilan Versus Trip, Ash Versus Georgia!"
    - "The Club Battle Hearts of Fury, Emolga Versus Sawk!"
    - "The Club Battle Finale: A Hero's Outcome!"
    "Meowth's Scrafty Tactics"
    "Purrloin: Sweet or Sneaky?"
    "Beheeyem, Duosion, and the Dream Thief!"
    "Beartic Mountain Feud!"
    "Crisis from the Underground Up!"
    "Battle for the Underground!"

    Rival Destinies

    "Enter Elesa, Electrifying Gym Leader!"
    "Dazzling the Nimbasa Gym!"
    "Lost at the Stamp Rally!"
    "Ash Versus the Champion!"
    "A Maractus Musical!"
    "The Four Seasons of Sawsbuck!"
    "Scraggy and the Demanding Gothita!"
    "The Lonely Deino!"
    "The Mighty Accelguard to the Rescue!"
    "A Call For Brotherly Love!"
    "Stopping the Rage of Legends!" [Part 1/Part 2]
    "Battling the King of the Mines!"
    "Crisis at Chargestone Cave!"
    "Evolution Exchange Excitement!"
    "Explorers of the Hero's Ruin!"
    "Battling the Bully!"
    "Baffling the Bouffalant!"
    "Cilan Takes Flight!"
    "An Amazing Aerial Battle!"
    "Climbing the Tower of Success!"
    - "The Clubsplosion Begins!"
    - "Search for the Clubultimate!"
    - "A Clubsplosion of Excitement!"
    - "Commanding the Clubsplosion Crown!"
    "Battling the Leaf Thieves!"
    "A Restoration Confrontation!" [Part 1/Part 2]
    "Evolution by Fire!"
    "Guarding the Guardian of the Mountain!"
    "Caution: Icy Battle Conditions!"
    "Clash of the Connoisseurs!"
    "Crisis at Ferroseed Research!"
    "An Epic Defense Force!"
    "Rocking the Virbank Gym!" [Part 1/Part 2]
    "All For the Love of Meloetta!"
    "Piplup, Pansage, and a Meeting of the Times!"
    "Expedition to Onix Island!"
    "The Mystery of the Missing Cubchoo!"
    "Iris and the Rogue Dragonite!"
    Junior Cup
    - "Jostling for the Junior Cup!"
    - "Battling Authority Once Again!"
    - "Ash, Iris, and Trip: Then There Were Three!"
    - "Goodbye, Junior Cup- Hello Adventure!"
    "The Road to Humilau!"
    "Unrest at the Nursery!"
    "Meloetta and the Undersea Temple!"
    "Unova's Survival Crisis!"

    Black & White: Adventures In Unova

    "Beauties Battling for Pride and Prestige!"
    "A Surface to Air Tag Battle Team!"
    "A Village Homecoming!"
    "Drayden Versus Iris: Past, Present, and Future!"
    "Team Eevee and the Pokémon Rescue Squad!"
    Unova League - Vertress Conference
    - "Curtain Up, Unova League!"
    - "Mission: Defeat Your Rival!"
    - "Lost at the League!"
    - "Strong Strategy Steals the Show!"
    - "Cameron's Secret Weapon!"
    - "A Unova League Evolution!"

    "New Places... Familiar Faces!"
    "The Name's N!"
    "There's a New Gym Leader in Town!"
    "Team Plasma's Pokémon Power Plot!"
    "The Light of Floccesy Ranch!"
    "Saving Braviary"
    "The Pokémon Harbor Patrol!"
    "Fires of a Red-Hot Reunion!"
    "Team Plasma's Pokémon Manipulation!"
    "Secrets From Out of the Fog!"
    "Meowth, Colress and Team Rivalry!"
    Episode N Finale
    - "Ash and N: A Clash of Ideals!"
    - "Team Plasma and the Awakening Ceremony!"
    - "What Lies Beyond Truth and Ideals!"

    Adventures in Unova and Beyond

    "Farewell, Unova!"
    "Danger, Sweet as Honey!"
    "Cilan and the Case of the Purrloin Witness!"
    "Crowning the Scalchop King!"
    "The Island of Illusions!"
    "To Catch a Rotom!"
    "The Pirates of Decolore!"
    Butterfree and Me!
    The Path That Leads to Goodbye!
    Searching for a Wish!
    Capacia Island UFO!
    The Journalist from Another Region!
    Mystery on a Deserted Island!
    A Pokémon of a Different Color!
    Celebrating the Hero's Comet!
    Go, Go Gogoat!
    Team Rocket's Shocking Recruit!
    Survival of the Striaton Gym!
    Best Wishes Until We Meet Again!
    The Dream Continues!

    Best Wishes

    Note: Numbers and titles here match Bulbapedia listings as of 12 March 2013. Individual thread titles may not coincide due to the unaired Rocket vs Plasma episodes and speculative titles.
    Warning: Most of these threads are not current and are used only as reference. Please use the dub-titled review thread for an episode if you would like to make a comment, even if you are watching in Japanese. If there is not a dub review thread and the dubbed episode has aired, please create one. This is to separate speculation from review and also to keep latecomers in one thread. If outdated speculation threads are posted in, they will be locked as per the normal 30-day-revival rule. Dub review threads are exempt from the 30-day-revival rule.

    BW001 - To the Isshu Region! Zekrom's Shadow!
    BW002 - Iris and Kibago!

    BW003 - Mijumaru! Meguroco! Close Call!!
    BW004 - Battle Club! A Mysterious Pokémon Appears!!
    BW005 - Sanyou Gym! VS Baoppu, Hiyappu, and Yanappu!!
    BW006 - The Site of Dreams! Munna and Musharna!!
    BW007 - Tsutarja - Captured by Attract!?
    BW008 - Darumakka and Hihidaruma! The Secret of the Clock Tower!!
    BW009 - The Out of Control Pendror! Rescue Kibago!!
    BW010 - Rival Battle! The Strong Opponent Pururill!!
    BW011 - Ishizumai! Take Back Your House!!
    BW012 - The Yabukuron Squad and the Secret Base!?
    BW013 - Chillarmy is a Neat Freak!?
    BW014 - Shippou City! The Big Adventure at the Museum!!
    BW015 - Shippou Gym Battle! VS Gym Leader Aloe!!
    BW016 - The Shippou Gym Rematch! An Explosive New Move!!
    BW017 - The Wild Child That Hatched from the Egg!
    BW018 - Yaguruma Forest! Kurumiru and Arty!!
    BW019 - A Sommelier Showdown! Ishizumai VS Futachimaru!!
    BW020 - Pikachu VS Meguroco VS Koaruhie!
    BW021 - Sky Arrow Bridge and Gothiruselle!
    BW022 - Hiun City! Fushide Panic!!
    UNAIRED - Rocket-dan VS Plasma-dan! [Part 1/Part 2]
    BW023 - The Hiun Gym Match! Pureheated Bug Pokémon Battle!!
    BW024 - Beware of Cute Faces! Emonga Paralyzes!!
    BW025 - Emonga VS Tsutarja! The Volt Change Chaos!!
    BW026 - The Scary Story of the Hitomoshi Mansion!
    BW027 - The Road to Become a Dragon Master! Kibago VS Crimgan!!
    BW028 - The Missing Hotachi! Mijumaru's Biggest Crisis Ever!!
    BW029 - The Monmen in Love Rides the Wind!
    BW030 - Ligray and the UFO!
    BW031 - Rival Battle! Vanipeti, Dokkorer Compete in a Battle!!
    BW032 - Gamageru, Maggyo! Battle on the Waterfront!!
    BW033 - The Dragon Buster Appears! Iris and Doryuzu!!
    BW034 - Dangoro! Let's Fire the Luster Cannon!!
    BW035 - Sommelier Detective Dent! The Case of the Disappearing Tabunne!!
    BW036 - Fossil Revival! Ancient Mysterious Bird Archeos!!
    BW037 - The Fishing Sommelier - Dent Appears!
    BW038 - Zorua the Movie! The Legend of the Pokémon Knight!!
    Don Battle
    - BW039 - Everyone Gathers! Don Battle!!
    - BW040 - The Fiercely Fought Don Battle! Tsutarja VS Komatana!!
    - BW041 - Climactic Don Battle! Emonga VS Dageki!!
    - BW042 - Decisive Don Battle! Satoshi VS Iris!!
    BW043 - Nyagotiator Nyarth! Zuruzukin Persuasion Tactics!!
    BW044 - Beware of Choroneko! Nyarth and Mijumaru!!
    BW045 - Ohbem and Doublan and the Dream Thief!
    BW046 - Nyagotiator Nyarth! Break Through Tunbear Forest!!
    BW047 - Flat-out Run!! Battle Subway!! [Part 1]
    BW048 - Flat-out Run!! Battle Subway!! [Part 2]

    BW049 - The Gym Leader is a Charismatic Model! Kamitsure Appears!!
    BW050 - Raimon Gym! Magnificent Electric Shock Battle!!
    BW051 - Satoshi, Dent VS Subway Masters!
    BW052 - Satoshi VS Champion Adeku!
    BW053- Over the Rainbow! Maracacci Musical!!
    BW054 - Mebukijika! The Four Seasons Lineup!!
    BW055 - Zuruggu and the Selfish Gothimu!
    BW056 - Iris and Monozu! Day Care Training!!
    BW057 - Kaiketsu A☆Gilder VS Freege Man!
    BW058 - A Brotherly Battle Between Dent and Pod! Baoppu VS Yanappu
    BW059 - Tomelos VS Voltolos VS Landlos! [Part 1]
    BW060 - Tomelos VS Voltolos VS Landlos! [Part 2]

    BW061 - Underground Gym Battle! VS Yakon!!
    BW062 - Bachuru, Dentula! The Electric Rock Cave!!
    BW063 - Trade Evolution! Chevargo and Aglider!!
    BW064 - The Black Hero's Ruins! Symboler and Desukam!
    BW065 - Double Battle! Pikachu and Waruvile VS Pendror and Gamageroge!!
    BW066 - Afro GO! Buffron NO!!
    BW067 - Fukiyose Gym Air Battle! Challenger Dent!?
    BW068 - Fukiyose Gym! VS Huuro, A Decisive Aerial Battle!!
    BW069 - Barrier Breakthrough! Climb the Tower of the Sky!!
    - BW070 - The Donamite Gets Underway! Zuruggu VS Yanakkie!!
    - BW071 - Steadily Progressing Donamite! Crimgan VS Kirikizan!!
    - BW072 - The Fiercely Fought Donamite! Kirikizan VS Enbuoh!!
    - BW073 - The Decisive Donamite Battle! Nageki VS Dageki!!
    BW074 - Rescue Kibago! Aiant's Nest!!
    BW075 - Fierce Fighting at Spiral Mountain! Abagorua's Miracle!! [Part 1]
    BW076 - Fierce Fighting at Spiral Mountain! Abagorua's Miracle!! [Part 2]

    BW077 - Flaming Memories! Pokabu VS Enbuoh!!
    BW078 - Hachiku Appears! The Holy Mountain of Ulgamoth!!
    BW079 - Sekka Gym Battle! Ice Battlefield!!
    BW080 - Pokémon Sommelier Showdown! Tasting Battle!!
    BW081 - Tesseed Research Institute! Iris and Baivanilla!!
    BW082 - Movie Showdown! Sortie, Isshu Defense Group!!
    BW083 - Fierce Fighting at Tachiwaki Gym! VS Homika!! [Part 1]
    BW084 - Fierce Fighting at Tachiwaki Gym! VS Homika!! [Part 2]

    Best Wishes Season 2

    BW085 - Sing, Meloetta! The Melody of Love!!
    BW086 - Pochama VS Yanappu! The Magnificent Battle!!
    BW087 - Survival on the Island of Iwark!
    BW088 - Sommelier Detective Dent! The Mystery of the Missing Kumasyun!!
    BW089 - Iris and the Roughneck Kairyu!
    Junior Cup
    - BW090 - The Junior Cup Gets Underway! Kairyu VS Tunbear!!
    - BW091 - Power Battle! Iris VS Hikari!!
    - BW092 - Satoshi, Iris, and Shooty! The Last Battle!!
    - BW093 - The Junior Cup of Farewells and Meetings!
    BW094 - Seigaiha Gym Battle! Mantain VS Daikenki!!
    BW095 - Pokémon Nursery School Uproar! Washibon and Valchai
    BW096 - Meloetta and the Undersea Temple!
    BW097 - The Reijuu Formes Advance! Isshu's Greatest Crisis!!
    BW098 - The Most Magnificent Pokémon in the World?! Chillaccino VS Tsutarja!
    BW099 - The Tag Battle of the Sky and the Earth!
    BW100 - Iris Returns to the Village of Dragons!
    BW101 - Soryu Gym! Iris VS Shaga!!
    BW102 - Team Eievui Moves Out! Pokémon Rescue Team!!
    Isshu League - Higaki Conference
    - BW103 - The Isshu League Higaki Conference Gets Underway! Satoshi VS Shooty!!
    - BW104 - Fierce Fighting! Win Out in the Rival Battle!
    - BW105 - Kibago Gets Lost!
    - BW106 - Dageki Appears! Satoshi VS Kenyan!!
    - BW107 - Satoshi VS Kotetsu! Secret Weapon Sazandora!!
    - BW108 - Isshu League Conclusion! Lucario VS Pikachu!!

    Best Wishes Season 2 Episode N

    BW109 - Araragi Institute! A New Journey!!
    BW110 - A Friend... His Name is N!
    BW111 - The New Gym Leader - Cheren!
    BW112 - Achroma VS Handsome! Plasma-dan's Conspiracy!!
    BW113 - The Foggy Sangi Ranch! Denryu's Light!!
    BW114 - N, Again! Operation: Rescue Wargle!!
    BW115 - Hurry Up! The Pokémon Gulf Coast Rescue Squad!!
    BW116 - Burn, Lizardon! VS Kairyu!
    BW117 - Plasma-dan's Ambition! The Controlled Pokémon!!
    BW118 - N's Secret... To The Other Side of the Mist!
    BW119 - Rocket-dan VS Plasma-dan! Nyarth and Achroma!!
    Episode N Finale
    - BW120 - The White Ruins! Satoshi VS N!!
    - BW121 - Plasma-dan Attacks! Ceremony of Revival!!
    - BW122 - Reshiram VS N! Beyond Truth and Ideals!!

    Best Wishes Season 2 Da! [Decolora Arc]

    Series Speculation Thread

    BW123 - Farewell, Isshu! Setting Sail Once Again!!
    BW124 - The Dangerously Sweet Honey!
    BW125 - Sommelier Detective Dent! The Secret Room of the Ocean!!
    BW126 - Goodbye Mijumaru!? The Path to Being Hotachi King
    BW127 - Phantom Island! The Zoroark in the Fog!!
    BW128 - Rotom VS Dr Okido!
    BW129 - The Pirate King of the Decolora Archipelago!
    BW130 - Satoshi and Butterfree! Until the Day We Meet Again!!
    BW131 - Satoshi and Iris's Severed Relationship!? The Path of Separation
    BW132 - Wish on Jirachi! The Seven-Day Miracle!!
    BW133 - Shining Flying Saucer! Ohbem's Town!!
    BW134 - Pansy Appears! Erikiteru and Gōgōto!!
    BW135 - Mystery of the Treasure! Deserted Island Adventure!!
    BW136 - Ibuki and Iris! The Different Colored Crimgan!!
    BW137 - Onbān Appears! Legend of the Comet and the Hero!!
    BW138 - GoGo Gōgōto!
    BW139 - Emonga Joins Rocket-dan!
    BW140 - Dent VS the Ice Challenger! The Crisis of Sanyou Gym!!
    BW141 - Best Wishes! Until the Day We Meet Again!!
    BW142 - My Dream, Pokémon Master!!

    [Written and compiled by Anna]

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