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    Well I'm trying to outspeed and KO the opponent's pokemon quickly. I know it's frail and trick room teams can beat me easily. I have had a lot of trouble with Cressilia. Would Gengar be a nice option? I would like to replace Rotom W and Alakazam, but I would want a fast water pokemon to replace rotom w. He kind of works, but he isn't the best. I always lead with Jolteon and then either Weavile or Infernape for Fake Out. Jolteon outspeeds most opponents so I usually get a KO and take no damage. I don't have any trouble with Tyranitar, Weavile (Low Kick) Hydreigon (U-turn) Infernape (Close Combat) and Rotom W (Hydro Pump) beat it pretty easily. Oh and i use Thunder on Jolteon because it gets 100% accuracy in rain so it can handle rain teams very easily.

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