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Dez Castelia
Entei Common Room

"Hmm," Dez muttered. "it seems we've arrived with rather bad timing, don't you think?" The Shuppet, known as the Puppeteer, floated beside him. "Shuppet..." he agreed. "Say, you're always around Oak Town, right? Did you see the TM Store getting robbed?" Dez asked his partner. The Puppeteer nodded grimly. "And you didn't do anything about it?" Dez said, turning to face the ghost type. Puppeteer shook his head. "Thought so," said his master, turning back to face the TV. "...a strange girl described as wielding supernatural, ghost-like powers escaped prison today through unknown means after she was apprehended and imprisoned while assaulting a student that illegally entered the Dead Forest by none other than Professor Gary Oak quoted as finding the student's choice to enter the forest against local law enforcement's wishes as insultingly naive..." this caught Dez's attention right away. Slowly, cryptically, he began to lean forward to face the TV a little more. The Puppeteer mimicked his movements, seemingly mocking him. Dez paid no mind. "She seems interesting," Dez remarked. "I'd love to meet her." Other students of the Entei Dorm walked by, paying no mind to the news broadcast before them, while others sat glued to it like flies to flypaper. "Law enforcement describes the young female as a girl wearing a black fedora and female tuxedo top over a white dress shirt complete with a black mini-skirt and very messy shoulder-blade length brown hair," said the news reporter on the TV. Dez turned to the Puppeteer. "Well, we shall keep an eye out for this mystery girl, eh?" he grinned. The Shuppet simply grinned back. Other students around him seemed somewhat disturbed by the fact that he was talking to his Shuppet this way, and swerved around the Puppeteer as the walked.

Dez paid no heed to most of the PA announcement heard around the school. So what if Team Rocket was here? He could easily take care of such petty criminals on his own. After all, it had been done before. However, the next announcement caught his attention. "This morning in Community Service and Vigilantism, the class I was invited to teach here at the academy, we'll be putting a lot of focus on the vigilante part by working to protect the island from some of the threats that have been effecting us lately. We're going to go on the offensive and try and put a stop to some of this. I hope everyone attends, because we're a class that can't afford to lose people and I'm looking forward to it." Well, this wasn't so great. Dez had been assigned Community Service and Vigilantism this morning, a fact which he was clearly unsatisfied with. The very thought of community service repulsed him. Why should he help a community which had never done anything for him in the first place? What right did a community have to make him a part of it. 'No,' he thought 'I am not part of any community,' the last word in that thought took a moment to actually pronounce in his head. He didn't like that word.

Still, this class was but a simple obstacle that he had to overcome on the road to greatness. Dez returned the Puppeteer to his Pokeball, though he was sure that the mischievous Shuppet would escape at one point or another. With that, he made his way out of the common room and into the grand hallways of the Entei Dorm. While walking, he examined some of the people who passed him by. Some were unnerved by the two differently-colored eyes staring back at them, some were repulsed, and some didn't even notice him, as usual. He took note of how many different kinds of people there were, and then compared that to the different kinds of Pokemon there were. People looked so ridiculously similar compared to Pokemon, of which there were so many varieties and species. He didn't understand the concept of 'normal' or 'to fit in.' Wasn't it better to stand out and be unique? After all, that was a hard feat for a human to accomplish: uniqueness, that is. Everyone looked so ridiculously similar in so many ways that the uniqueness was blotted out of them. Clothing could have been a way to distinguish people from one another, but the 'style' or the 'trend' was always around, causing most people to share the same style of clothing, only taking away their uniqueness factor. Dez thought it sad, really.

On his way to Community Service and Vigilantism, Dez took a detour to go out and train a little in the fields nearby. He noticed a rock. One single, large boulder rock that simply stood sticking up from the grass, like a wart on the face of the Earth. Time to eradicate this wart. Dez felt for his Pokeballs, and found the distinct feel of the Great Ball which contained Paladin. He grabbed it and released the Golett, who emerged from a flash of red. "Paladin, Ice Punch." The Golett obeyed, cloaking his fist in ice and sending it hurling straight for the boulder. The impact created a large crack in the boulder, and also sent let the power of the cold envelop it until it was cloaked in ice. "Now, Bulldoze," Dez ordered. He checked to see if there was nobody around, and there wasn't. The earth started to shake as Paladin heaved a leg into the air, then brought it back upon the ground, and Dez bent down to avoid falling over. The range of Bulldoze wasn't enough to cause any panic, but he still didn't want anybody to think he was a troublemaker. The Bulldoze attack caused the ice around the boulder to crack, and as soon as it did, the boulder itself was reduced to rubble. "Good job." Paladin was returned to his Pokeball. "You're getting better," Dez said to the Great Ball in his hands. That was the only compliment he felt like giving his Golett for today.

Dez resumed his walk to class. He wondered if he was truly alone here in the fields. Despite the fact that he couldn't hear anybody around anywhere, he felt like he was being watched. The feeling didn't intimidate or unsettle him, it simply aroused his interest.
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