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Gwen Deallus - Raikou dorm; main room.

Gwen rolled over and her arm flopped lazily to the floor. The coarse carpet on her fingers told her that yet again she was not in her bed. Half opening her left eye she squinted at her surroundings, or more specifically; the raikou dorm ceiling.

"I seem to be making a habit of this..." She thought to herself.

Once again she was asleep on a sofa in the main room of Raikou Dorm. Some unseen power was clearly preventing her from actually using her designated room and bed. That was the excuse she settled on in her mind anyway, it was far better than 'Gwen you're a lazy cow and you've crashed on a sofa, again."
Pushing the thoughts out of her head, and herself into a sitting position she looked around the room and found that it was surprisingly light. Unaware of the time, and slightly worried she might have slept through her classes she nudged the sleeping Poochyena next to her. Amber awoke after what seemed to be a far better nights sleep than Gwen herself had experienced, and jumped of the sofa energetically. Her trainer followed at a slower pace.

Gwen walked to her room, unlocked the door and let herself in. Taking a small bowl from her backpack and setting it on the floor next to her entirely unused bed, she filled it with food for Amber. Her mind was preocupied with a single word; 'shower'. Preferably followed by the words 'long.' and 'hot.'

"Have some breakfast Amber, I'm going to take a shower, If I don't come out before tomorrow call help." She said whilst filling her Pokemon's food bowl.

Slightly bemused at her trainer's joke, the Poochyena ate the food happily. Meanwhile Gwen pulled a towel from her bag and shuffled towards the shower in a half-zombified state. To say that Gwen was 'not a morning person' was an understatement. However after an entire 45 minutes in the shower, Gwen reappeared bringing a billowing cloud of steam out of the bathroom along with her. Gwen put her glasses on and dumped her clothes unceremoniously on her bed and wearing a towel instead, with another draped carelessly over her dripping hair, she strolled back into the main dorm-room. Picking a suitable chair to deposit herself in she did so, and began to flick through a magazine that lay on the arm of it. Her glasses began to slip down her still and face and she pushed them up stubbornly.
She half wondered if it was against any sort of academy rule to be out of ones room in such a state of dress, but decided that it was still far too early to ponder the academy legislation, besides there was no one around anyway.

If Gwen had been fully awake she would have surely been respectfully dressed and worrying about the fact that she had no idea what lessons had been assigned to her for the day, but instead she sat in blissful ignorance as her half-awake brain day-dreamed and scanned the magazine she was holding.
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