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Originally Posted by ItzCharizard View Post
Nickname:Itz Charizard
Applying As:Alpha/Beta Tester,General Helper, banner maker and Storyliner (your probably quite far into the story so I could just give me give my 2 pence).
Proof(Not Needed but will be appreciated):heres a quick banner I've made (see spoiler), If on the team could make more banners and spend more time on them for Alpha/Beta Tester,General Helperand Storyliner there's not much Proof I could give but If you want some just ask me for it.

Contact Info(I prefer PMs): PM but if you need an alternate mode of contact message me and I could give you one.
You are acepted as a General Helper cause we already have Stroyliners,Banner Makers and Beta Testers

@cheeseguy12: Gible is already in. Look at the first page, you will see a list of pokemon that are in.
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