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    Note: Somehow I posted the following in the wrong thread, so maybe one should do as the end puts forth. In my defense; same thread author, same forum, same subform, more tabs open than I care to admit. Regardless, I'm an idiot.

    If I may ask, how did you implement the B/W experience system? It doesn't seem like you simply changed the equation. I don't see anyone else credited to its creation, so did you write it? If so, even from the little I've seen, good job. I can't seem to find it it through searching otherwise however.

    If you made it and are willing to share, do you still have the ASM and relavent offsets to change lying about? If you didn't, do you happen to know where I can find the maker's "showcase" thread or at least the makers name? Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to go and bother them or to bother anyone. Just search the archives.

    For public or personal reasons, this alone seems like a rather wonderful feature. For personal reasons, even if it's a little broken, it seems nice just to play through FR with this istalled.

    If I'm one of the million self-centered hackers pesturing you with stupid questions, though, feel free to ignore me. Of course, if I'm an idiot who can't figure out the search feature feel even freer to. Thanks for reading this far, if you did.
    Hey! If you're a tool maker or you have a resource to contribute, but you're not up to trying to make a guide, I'll be happy to try and write one up for you if you want. All I need is a pm and the offsets.