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Zayne Alta

Zayne woke up rather slowly, odd as he was usually good at getting out of bed. He could hear some students already moving about their daily routines in preparation for classes in the halls and in the nearby common room. Aura, who was now awake, was sitting in the same corner as when Zayne had gone to bed and waved a good morning at him.
"Good morning Aura. Should be a good day, I have two classes and then we are seeing Yew and Tetra again". Aura nodded in agreement and Zayne continued his daily tasks eating a light breakfast from his own supplies and showering before dressing in his standard grey pants and black shirt complete with the pokeball belt, simple grey jacket and his silver bracelet.

Zayne switched on the TV quickly shocked at the story on the news.
Team Rocket? Here? Why? Was all he could think of, he almost missed the part about the ghost girl Does this island attract criminals or something? He wasn't overly worried about either of the two, he'd travelled extensively and had come across some rather unsavoury people in his troubles and had handled them fine. He was more concerned for the safety of the less experienced and younger students, especially as those on what was called the Vigilante service under Hilda. Shaking off any negative feelings Zayne returned Aura to his pokeball before heading out to the classroom to meet his students.

Zayne entered the classroom before a single student arrived and spent a while preparing his notes before writing his name on the blackboard provided, people missing out the "y" in his name was an annoyance although he would only be Mr. Alta to them anyway, so he didn't include his first name... a rather strange feeling. He sat at his desk and waited for the first student to arrive.

"Oh! But this isn't the end, my friend!"
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