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    Originally Posted by Griffinbane View Post
    Ugh. If this is for sim, then Gengar might be alright, I don't actually know how the new sim doubles game is going. If this is for official tourneys and gts battles, I really don't suggest Gengar. There's too many common threats out there that would just eat Gengar alive, like Metagross, Cress, Prankster genies, Bisharp, Excadrill, Ferrothorn, etc.
    I agree that their are many common threats but isnt excadrill banned? ferrothorn is OHKO'd by focus blast bisharp lacking sucker punch(like thats even a possiblity :L) is ko'd by focus blast plus with the abuse of fake out on his team he wont be able to sucker punch while gengar ko's it I will agree that metagross poses a sizeable threat unless he decides to run it along something with eq or infernape, not sure what the damage calculation but specially defensive cress must be a 3hko from shadowball and with no investment in sp.atk it will fail to ohko 4/0 gengar with psychic but the threats I would be afraid of are scizor,tyranitar and weavile possibly other alakazam too
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