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    Iny Gage - Raikou Dorm

    Iny Begrudgingly Wakes up To the voice on the intercom, After A tiring night sorting out her stuff and figuring out where her classes will be She was dead asleep in bed.

    "TM shop..... Team Rocket..... fairly certain..... I hope everyone attends....."

    "Ugh" She say to Herself annoyed "Who would wake everyone up this early in the morning?" Iny Slowly sits up and stretches out, Looking around her now Organized room. "Let's see here, My classes today are Berry growing and breeding, I would get the boring classes on my first day" She whines "Oh well, Gotta start somewhere I guess. But how am I gonna beat my parents with Eggs and Berries?" She sighs to herself and Starts getting ready for the day, Tying her light brown hair back, changing into some shorts and a T-shirt and Making sure she has everything she might need for her classes.

    Iny starts to go through the stuff on a nearby table and puts it in a green bag as she lists it off "Lets see here, My schedule, Some notebooks and pens, My Tm case with exactly one TM" She said annoyed, knowing that the TM is just Sunny Day "And the Key" She attaches that to the key-chain on her Lanyard Which now houses Two keys and a small flash light "I should probably bring thoe rawest berries my parents gave me now that I think about it..." She makes note of the small blue case and puts it in her bag "I think that's every thing I'll need. Now all I need to worry about is food."

    She heads out the door on her way to the academy "Lets see here, The cafeteria cant be that hard to find" She says to herself before recalling her past mistakes "Yeah, I should probally Ask for directions." She walks down the hall untill she reaches the common room where theres an almost naked girl talking to a boy.

    "Uh..." Iny's says to herself staring, Not knowing what to think.
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