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    Chapter 0 - Kyle Jackson - Outside ShoWare Center


    Kyle bit his lip in disdain as a few minutes went by. It was about the time he was told to enter the arena but as he approached, an employee ran towards the hulking front entrance door from the inside and eyed him with a look of scorn. The employee was a man wearing a gray mechanic jumpsuit with a worn out tag that rendered it illegible. He was wearing a dirty white ball cap and had a grungy appearance especially in his face.

    As Kyle reached for the door, the man withdrew a set of keys from his pocket and locked the door from the inside and sneered at him from behind the large glass windows. "Saying you need a fist to the face was an understatement." Kyle said in an irritated tone. Without giving the man a minute to respond, Kyle spat on the glass and the man gave him a look of disgust before walking off.

    "Screw you." Kyle muttered flatly. There went his opportunity for a job, which was meager to begin with. He had an odd feeling that he would have been waiting even longer for the same results if he hadn't gotten angry. If that man had stayed any longer Kyle no doubt would have beat him. He hated how adults would look down on him just because he was a child or his looks.

    "People like that never get affected by Karma." Kyle said to himself with a grim frown. He didn't care about the old guy leaving him. He was really bothered that the man choose to not let him in before he even spoke a word.

    After the man disappeared in the halls of the arena Kyle punched the glass with enough force to cause a crack to form although oddly enough it didn't make a loud noise. Immediately Kyle felt guilt but turned to return home.

    When he reached the street side, a sharp pain appeared on his fist where Kyle hit the glass and blood ran down his fist. Kyle glanced at his hand feeling his anger returning and put it up before his face, examining if it was worth bandaging. Before he could determine this, he bumped into a short, blond girl.

    "What do you want?!" Kyle said in a startled tone, wishing he had retracted the statement as he saw it was a stranger.