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    Yo! it's been a while since I've posted I've been fairly busy, I've decided to run a ss team with the usual core of tyranitar,terrakion and landorus here it is:

    Tyranitar brave/adamant @choice band
    stone edge

    rather unusual ev spread but I've geared my team more towards countering the rain match-up than anything else brave almost guarantee's that ss gets up vs politoed and because I'm going to be going 2nd I bulked him up enough to be able to take scald or surfs to the face twice or three times if they decide to switch stone edge will heavily dent almost everything if it politoed stay's in well that makes tyranitars job even easier.

    terrakion jolly choice scarf
    stone edge
    close combat
    rock slide(when I really want volcorona to die)

    standard terrakion really :/

    landorus hasty @ choice scarf
    252atk/4sp.atk/252 speed
    stone edge
    hp ice

    I never really used him much so I need practice with him but I usually just scout with u-turn and when the weater inducers/counters are out of the way I usually just switch him in and eq until I win

    Gliscor impish @ toxic orb

    ev's need a little work I was almost considering maxing out speed but it needs bulk to tank the numerous fighting attacks aimed at teriyaki and tyranitar

    celebi(thank you tabor!)modest @life orb/leftovers
    56hp/252sp.atk/200 speed
    leaf storm
    earth power/t-wave/psychic/sandstorm

    my first counter to drizzle hp is dark unfortunately :/ the ev spread is smogons and I've been testing it out but I'm considering using 4/252/252 because I use it more as a hit and run set could I get someone's opinion on this please?

    gastrodon calm @leftovers
    earth power
    ice beam

    this was my 2nd counter to drizzle but all it does is act as a pivot it cant really damage any of the water types it freely switches into and most of them carry energy ball or hp grass I was considering jellicent as its a nice special wall vs rain teams and can take fighting type moves but again it can't hurt the water types it switches into and it cant do much to tornados or thundurus-t which will most likely just ko it not to mention the damage suffered by sandstorm itself.

    are their any other pokemon that serve as a rain counter? is ferrothorn viable? thank you for your time
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