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Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
Thought I'd ask here, there might be a few vBulletin wizards here. Anyways, I'm working on a simple username plugin system that allows you to customize a username without actually changing it. I have it working... For the most part. However, I have this problem:

The usernames don't appear properly on the "Last Post By". This is what I have:

if ($user[userid] == 49) 
    $user['musername'] = "<i><b><span style=\"color: #BE2D47\">リザードン</span></b></i>";
    $user['username'] = "リザードン";
    $user['postusername'] = "リザードン";
} a product of vBulletin and it hooks into "fetch_musername". What variable would I use to make the name edits appear on the Last Post By properly?
I'm not sure if you can I think when threads are posted they are written into the database and cannot be changed..