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Pokemon Crystal Community Run: Chapter 2

I finally managed to catch both a Phanpy and a Teddiursa, and proceeded into Violet City. At first it reminded me of my more recent runs of HeartGold, but the differences soon made themselves apparent as I realized that the remakes are not just straight recreations of what was. Notably, the path to Sprout Tower looks very different from the 4th gen version, with much less water in Crystal Version and lack of a bridge. Sprout Tower itself was more or less the same with the only real change being that the layout of Sages on the top floor is different. Another difference is Falkner's team. In Crystal version, none of his Pokemon exceed 10, but in HG his Pidgeotto is lvl 13. As a result of this, I did not need to grind as much as I expected.

My team is pretty nice so far. I really need a Special move for Cyndaquil. Phanpy is too early to judge, but is doing okay. So far, Teddiursa is my favorite Pokemon on my team, since it's dealing the most damage right now.


Lvl 10

Lvl 10
-Defense Curl

Lvl 10
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