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So the new moves replace the old ones?

Amazing hack so farAre there any water types available before the 3rd gym? I'm in dire need of one
There's Mantyke, Lotad, and Shellos in the grass if you look around, and fishing with the Old Rod will yield Magikarp, Tentacool, Slowpoke, and potentially Shellder if the S.S. Anne hasn't left yet. (You can still get it if it has but you'll need the Good Rod). It's entirely possible to go without a water-type if you don't care for any of those, though- you only really *need* one for Surf.

Also to anyone that's seen it I'm aware there's a profoundly stupid issue with Lance's room- I'd rather not do a hotfix just for something so trivial though, so it'll stay until I have more noteworthy things to add. This may have to wait as life is being a bit busy for me at the moment.

Yet Another Fire Red Hack

Physical/Special Split
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