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Originally Posted by AdrianD View Post
Is there an offensive pokemon that can be combined with tailwind that isn't a support type?
staraptor,tornadus correct me if I'm wrong but I think hydreigon can be tutored tailwind volcorona is another one depends on what your team is like

Originally Posted by gimmepie View Post
Okay then, now I just need to go about putting the team together.

With Garbodor, Meganium, Eelektross, Shuckle and Braviery in their do you think including a special sweeper would be a good idea? I'll make a proper post for this as soon as I have decided on my last slot.

Edit: Glaceon, Charizard or Vital Spirit Magmar?
I would have to recommend charizard ice is a terrible defensive typing on top of glaceons tiny movepool and comparing the two fire types charizard is superior although the 4times weakness to rock can be extremely painful :/
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