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Zephyr - Hive - Plain - Fog

Eliza - Trapinch - lv 31
Baron - Gyarados - lv 31
Andrew - Sandslash - lv 31
Ira - Nidorino - lv 31

Andrew evolved! And then I gave that sleepy dude on Rt 31 his bird. And then did a ton of Pokéathlons to get a Moonstone. Which I'm not gonna use yet. I went to Ecruteak, saved a Kimono Girl, got Surf, taught it to Baron. Yay for four moves. And then Mom called. And guess what she frickin' bought with my money? That's right. A Moonstone. Unfrickinbelievable.

Mucked around for a while fully exploring the freedom of choice offered to me by this game. Went all the way to Olivine and whatever before finally going to the Burned Tower and bothering the Legendary Beasts. Then I went and oneshotted every Pokémon in Morty's gym- including his- and went surfing off to Mahogany Town. Explored as much of Mt Mortar as possible and got tons of loot.

Caught the red Gyarados, met Lance, got drafted in to stop Team Rocket. Played around in their base tripping every alarm I could so as to get ALL the experience points. Eventually did what I was supposed to- Lance is a bit of a dick, isn't he? Being oh so nice and healing my 'mon after the first floor. Where my only problem was getting low on PP. And then not healing them before, you know, the more difficult floor(s). Or the major boss battle(s). The hell, dude?

Defeated all of Pryce's minions and decided that I was not going to face the man himself with an underleveled team with no type advantages and in fact some major disadvantages. And Mom kept calling me and Mahogany Town doesn't have a PokéMart. So, backtracked to Ecruteak and out the other side, aiming for Cianwood. Stopped in Olivine and defeated everyone hanging around the lighthouse. Got lost on Rt 41 as usual.

So essentially, I did a lot but didn't accomplish much of particular importance. Story of my life, innit?
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