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Brutis 'Bruiser' O'Neal
Brutis arose from his stone bed and stretched greatly, releasing a large yawn. He had this horrible dream last night. Brick had died and the other Breakers elected him the leader. That was absurd, though. Brutis wasn't a leader. He was a follower. A damned good one at that. Calling shots wasn't his forte, anyways. Besides. Brick is a great leader and an even better fighter. It would be almost impossible to kill him. Rhyperiors were amazingly tough. Nothing short of a Gyarados could kill Brick. Nothing.

Bruiser walked out of his small room and loped into the Breaker's common room, to be greeted by an empty stone table. The others must be out on a mission. It had been a lot like the Brute Breakers to leave Bruiser behind as a guard. His back wasn't what it used to be, but his fists could still shatter steel. He went into the kitchen, all stone as well, and reached into the stone refrigerator, powered by an Ice Stone in a strategic location, and grabbed a stone tankard of Oran Berry juice. He lifted the draught to his mouth and downed it in one go. Brutis loved Oran Berry juice, so tangy and sweet. He placed the tankard on the counter for one of the lower members to wash and walked into the commons again to be greeted by a smiling face, a young Medicham. "Good morning, Commander."

What? "I'm sorry Jen, I don't know what you mean." Jennifer was young and ambitious. She would do anything to advance in the Breaker's ranks. Patronizing officers wasn't below her. "Now where's Brick? I expected him to meet me in the kitchen at dawn." Brutis took the seat opposite of her and crossed his arms.

She lowered her head, as if to hide a tear or a sob. "You don't remember, do you? Your mind is growing weak, old one." She stood up, walked behind him, and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Brick is dead. We were on a mission near the coast and he got trapped in an aquatic cave with a Gyarados." She was wracked with a sob, fake or real he could not tell. "You were powerless to help. We all were." To put even more of a surprise on him she added, "We elected you the new leader. Last we saw of you last night you grabbed some Leppa Berry ale and disappeared into your room."

"Wha-" He couldn't believe it! His dream was real! To make it even worse, he had chosen to drown out all of his worry with ale! "No...I can't be leader...I'm not a good leader..."

"Don't be so modest, old one. You've led us out of dozens of scrapes, each more dangerous than the last." She sat next to him. "Now, what is your first order, Commander?"

"Gather everyone in the practice yard."
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