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Originally Posted by Plumpyfoof View Post
I'm very impressed. It's so extensive!
For the most part the designs are great, there are a few that stand out to me like Tronix, Toxidous and Diablaze but I think some are a little too, uninspired I guess I'll use like the lion and the deer they're not Pokemony enough for me I think.
Nevertheless you've done an awesome job well done.
Oh the lions...XD These were actually gonna be Fire Types, but then I realized that would mess up Flameow so I had to do something else. These weren't really spur the moment [the best ones were], so they're a little bland. Working on imporving them.

AND WHY DOES EVERYBODY SAY DEER? I don't have any deer Pokemon. XD They're African Gazelle Pokemon. Besides, Normal Types tend to be a little bland. Just look at Eevee, it's just a little brown fox [granted an adorable little brown fox].

Thanks for the praise though. I appreciate it.

UPDATE! Added some more stuff.
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