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@ Red Wing
Sorry for the late reply! I really like the interaction between Katt and Melanie ^^ Quite a rival she has found there?

- Shade (Sableye) grew to lvl 14!

chapter 3; Time To Rock; PART 1
Arabelle Silverklein // Pewter City

It was early in the afternoon when Arabelle and her pokémon finally escaped the depths of Viridian Forest and emerged on the short road leading to Pewter City in the north. Arabelle let out a huge breath when she saw the buildings in the distance.

"I can't believe we survived..." she said out loud.

Rogue, her Scyther, gave her a sharp look from where he was walking beside her.

"I mean, of course I did with your help! But without you to guide us out, Rogue... I just feel so tired. So tired, is all."

The mantis seemed content with that reply and took a little leap up into the air, soaring forward with his wings instead of walking on. The Charmeleon stayed his trainer on the ground though. He had no wings, not yet. His whole being itched to evolve into a large, imposing Charizard. But he wasn't even close yet. He needed to train, and that was why he had agreed to not rebel against his child trainer. Not yet, at least. She gave him a faint smile as they walked, which he returned. No need to make enemies of your allies as long as you need them.

Actually, Knight wasn't really as bad as this makes him sound. He just knew what his goals were and even if he might go a bit mad or overly eager at times, he was not unreasonable as long as things eventually went in his favor. Towards his goal.

The Scyther, on the other hand, had no goal. He had been living his life as a quiet member of a Scyther tribe in Viridian Forest, not ever planning on challenging the leader like some of his more ambitious brothers did. One day, a lost, crying girl had stumbled upon him and just assumed that he wanted to fight. He had seen her insecure eyes as she had sent out the fire lizard to battle with him. So he had done his best to avoid striking any of them directly and mostly evaded the attacks until the lizard got tired.

It had all ended with his tribe stumbling upon the scene and attacking the girl and the Charmeleon. Annoyed with the leader's blunt ways, Rogue had finally stood up against him and helped the human to safety. Together with the lizard, he fought the leader off, displaying strength and agility he had kept hidden from his tribe. But even though he defeated the leader, he chose to go with the girl instead of taking up the role. Because it felt like a more fun thing to do. Rogue was no complicated person, at least he didn't think so himself. Then again... He didn't ponder things more than necessary.

And together, the lizard and the mantis made a pretty good team. One blazing and throwing lethal tantrums, the other silent and swift with blades through the air. Ok, that didn't sound like the best combo ever. But it was.

Arabelle managed to heal her pokémon at the pokémon center before she slumped down into a couch in the lobby there. Never before in her life had she traveled on foot that far, through a whole forest, and without human company. That she was still alive and relatively well strengthened her though; she was proving her point. A smile played on her lips, absentmindedly.

A voice which she recognized reached her ears. A rather light voice with a Hoenn accent. Her eyes widened and her body froze.

Here? Now? Of course... It had only been a matter of time. Through the forest adventure with her new pokémon friends, she had almost forgotten that she was actually on the run from her family. If she stayed for long in crowded places like cities, they would find her for sure. She needed to stay away for a bit longer. Long enough to have some solid evidence of her progress, so that they couldn't argue that she needed to come home for her own safety.

Turning her head around slowly while she sunk deeper down behind the back of the couch, she found exactly who she had been expecting, leaning against the counter a few meters away. The Silverklein Warden. Or, her uncle, but everyone just called him Warden.

He was a tall, lanky guy with dirty blonde hair which was just a little bit too long, and he was unshaved as usual, leaving a little beard and bushy mustache. He wore a bleak, red polo shirt and black jeans. And of course, he carried a large backpack and a utility belt with who-knows-what in its many pockets and holders.

And his head turned around as well, and suddenly looked straight at her with his blue eyes. He looked surprised at first. What he looked like then, Arabelle didn't see, because she had grabbed her pokéballs and bag and darted out from the PokémonCenter as quickly as her tired legs possibly could carry her.

She could not get caught now!

"Maybe it could involve painting pictures and picking flowers...
Maybe a trial like that could be cool?"

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