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    Sareli Meliot

    Sareli suddenly turned to Marek. "You know, it's not a good idea to surprise your captain." Sareli turned back to the jobs. "Well, it's a lot to pick from. I'm not that sure on which one to pick, though." The Delcatty stood up and walked to the kitchen. It was a simple room with a few wooden cabinets. Two Pokemon, a Pansear and a Panpour, greeted her. These two were the new cooks. And although they often got in fights with each other, they were quite skilled.
    Sareli opened one of the cabinets and took a small, wooden box. It contained ground-up berries and a few gummis. This box was very important to her. She took a big jug and filled it with water, which the Pansear heated for her. Then, she took a bit of the berries and put it into the water. She took two gummis and put them also into the jug. She then put the box back and returned slowly.
    "So, Marek... You wanted something with bounty hunting, right? I'm in the mood for treasure, so... Do you think it's possible to loot the dungeon while we're at it? Because then i'm completely for that idea. Hmm... i believe you want us to go together, yes?" The Panpour waved at Sareli from the kitchen entrance. "Excuse me, Marek."

    The Delcatty walked to the kitchen and closed the door. Nobody could know the recipe to Brine Brew. It was a tasty drink, well known to pirates. In fact, the secret to making it was only for the cooks and the captains. The taste often varied, since the combinations of berries and gummis... well, let's just say there's a lot of things you can do with them.
    She carefully removed the two gummis and gave them to the two young Pokemon. They gleefully ate them while Sareli took two big glasses and carefully poured the Brine Brew in it. She took one for herself, while she carried one to Marek and put it next to him. "Brine Brew. Every pirate has to drink it. It's great. Anyways, where was i? Bounty hunting, yes." She took three pieces of paper from the board. "These are the bounties. The first one is a Venomoth in the Spore Grove, located around the border between the Ferrum Woods and the Deep Ferrum Woods.. The second one is a Weezing at the Sludge Mountain. Y'know, the one near the volcano. And the last one is a Scyther. It's pretty close, in the Seasalt Cave. So, what will it be?"
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