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Sensei Marek
Crossblade Crew Base

Sensei sipped his Brine Brew as he listened to his captain's suggestions. Indeed, the brew was the most tasteful thing that Marek had consumed in a while, but he decided not to express that right now. "Well..." he muttered, contemplating the suggestions. Seasalt Cave was close, so that way the two wouldn't have to travel too far, but Marek was up for a challenge on this particular day. "If you want to loot the dungeon while we're there, I'd suggest Sludge Mountain, since nobody really goes there except for other teams, meaning that there will be a lot of untouched treasure," he explained, "However, the toxic fumes that float around the place are the reason that nobody goes there except for Poison-types, so if you don't want to deal with that, I suggest Spore Grove or Seasalt Cave. Your choice." He placed his Brine Brew on the nightstand next to his bed and leaned back onto it. Above him, he could see his rack of belts which he had accumulated during his time at the dojo. The rows were attached to the wall above his bed with hard, steel thorns that he had found during his ventures into Mystery Dungeons. There were five racks in total, and almost all of them had the appropriate belts hanging on them in order of level. Only one of the racks, the one for his Judo belts, was missing its White Belt, which was currently tied firmly around Marek's waist.

After examining each belt, and remembering the hardships he'd gone through to obtain each and every single one, he sat back up and grabbed his cup of Brine Brew, drinking it dry in mere seconds. Realizing that this was a lapse of self-control on his part, he set the cup down, looking somewhat embarrassed despite the fact that only Sareli and the two new cooks had seen him.

"I just want a criminal to beat up," Sensei said. "A criminal to bring to justice." The thought made him remember Sylver and his band of misfits, who had kidnapped his father, and were the main reason for his banishment from the dojo. His inner hatred for them was taken out on every single criminal that the Crossblade Crew apprehended.
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