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Today it's been exactly one year since I started my monocolor challenge! To not really celebrate this, here's an update on Sapphire.

My first team member was a Poochyena, who was accompanied by an Aron a bit later. They were pretty good together, but Anorith, the third team member, helped quite a lot once it evolved. While searching for a Relicanth, I encountered a shiny Clamperl! And then I killed it because I can't use it. Anyway, Relicanth was kind of horrible and not really good at all. It had an OK moveset, but it just couldn't seem to do anything. It was so late in the game too, it was pretty worthless adding it to the team. Oh well, at least I'll know in the future.

Onto Pearl!



Moldavite the Mightyena, Lv 53 (♀)
Item: BlackGlasses
Crunch, Howl, Strength, Shadow Ball

Palladium the Aggron, Lv 51 (♂)
Item: Soft Sand
Metal Claw, Iron Defense, Earthquake, Headbutt

Lithium the Armaldo, Lv 53 (♂)
Item: Sea Incense
Brick Break, Water Pulse, AncientPower, Dig

Fluorine the Relicanth, Lv 50 (♂)
Item: Hard Stone
Surf, AncientPower, Yawn, Ice Beam
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