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I don't do it often since I usually prefer my game sessions to be chill and, while not easy, certainly not ridiculously difficult. It's only when I really love a game and have played it so much that it's too easy for me on the included difficulties that I'll set challenges. I've only done challenge runs of three games:

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: Final Mix
Level 1 run on Critical. I did all the main plot (including Aqua's extra stories) at level 1. It was a LOT of fun although now it's hard to play the game at higher levels because it gets boring so quickly after like... level 5. :s

The World Ends With You
Also did a level 1 run, although it was a bit easier with this one because the game is meant for this sort of thing. But I didn't really up any stats other than bravery a few times so it was still pretty challenging, especially since I hadn't touched the game in years when I tried it.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
I started a level 1 run of this (which just means never adding level up panels) and it was really easy... although I never finished it because I think 3D came out last winter and I just never picked Days back up again, oops. Should finish this run if I can find my cartridge again.

I tend to like ones that limit all my stats at once but not any of my skills. So I prefer low level runs over speed runs or no equipment/spell upgrades.

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