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Name: Klaus Gershom
Age: 19
Sex: Male
B.Type: Tera
Apperance: On the shorter side (5'5), he has short straight black hair, with a streak of red through it. He wears a bright red running suit, that fits perfectly for moving around easily and keeping him warm. His eyes are a shimmering grey color. He has very few expressions, being of an apathetic person. He appears to always be content with a situation, but doesn't express any true emotion, (unless his Pokemon are in danger). He has a green satchel that he carries around, with supplies and his Pokemon in it.

Name: Mercury
Species: Castform
Sex: Male
Ability: Forecast
Pokemon Move Set: Weather Ball, Fire Blast, Hydro Pump, Hail

Name: Neptune
Species: Quagsire
Sex: Female
Ability: Water Absorb
Pokemon Move Set: Ice beam, Sandstorm, Earthquake, Hydro Pump

Name: Saturn
Species: Exeggutor
Sex: Female
Ability: Chlorophyll
Pokemon Move Set: Psychic, Solorbeam, Leaf storm, Sunny Day

Name: Jupiter
Species: Zapdos
Sex: Male
Ability: Lightningrod
Pokemon Move Set: Thunder, Pluck [for food], Rain Dance, Drill Peck

Name: Mars
Species: Scrafty
Sex: Male
Ability: Shed Skin
Pokemon Move Set: Hi Jump Kick, Crunch, Head Smash, Dig

Name: Venus
Species: Ditto
Sex: N/A
Ability: Imposter
Pokemon Move Set: Transform

Bio: Growing up with a Pokemon Professor from Jhoto as a mentor (his father noticed his interest in knowledge, and so had him apprenticed to a professor), this trainer has done much research in the fields of terrain. Throughout his studies, he developed a close team of Pokemon, which he observed and learned to manipulate and use his surroundings from. He is cold and calculating, but has his Pokemon in best interest. Battle-wise, he thinks fast, and has out-maneuvered many Pokemon. He is rarely surprised, because he knows most Pokemon's cababilities, allowing him to see any possibilities a Pokemon could have, and judging his moves based off that knowledge. Hearing about this challenge from his mentor, he jumped at the chance to further his studies of terrain and survival, through a hands-on experience. He secretly desired the grand prize of one wish, above all else, which he thought about as he traveled to Lethia.

Though I would've liked to have not had a Legendary, Zapdos fit the team perfectly. Klaus obtained him on a journey he took to the Dream World.
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