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Update on Ultimate Monocolor Challenge (Green).

My Black monocolor is still on hold, so I started HeartGold a few days ago and made quite a bit of progress. Kinda wish more people would update so it's not just me and Chevitile, who never posts more than once per game, lol. Any chance you could do some mid-game updates like me? Anyway...

Update #1 on HeartGold.

Name: Green
Rival: Silver
Starter: Chikorita
  • Started with Basil the Chikorita, then picked up Trapper the Bellsprout just past Violet City.
  • Trained them in Sprout Tower, then took on the Violet City gym.
  • Falkner was a little tough, but Basil was able to beat Pidgeotto with PoisonPowder, Synthesis, and some Razor Leaf crits.
  • After the battle, Basil evolved into Bayleef!
  • Moved south through Union Cave and got to Azalea Town, where I defeated Team Rocket in the Slowpoke Well.
  • Defeated Silver to get some more experience, then took on the gym. While inside, Trapper evolved into Weepinbell!
  • Bugsy was hard with his Scyther hitting hard with U-Turn, but PoisonPowder and Reflect helped Basil win in the end.
  • Went through Ilex Forest and arrived in Goldenrod City, then went straight to the National Forest and the Bug-Catching Contest.
  • After a few encounters, Scyther appeared twice, and I caught the male one. Named him Reaper again.
  • Got 2 Facade TMs from the Dept. Store Lottery and taught them to Trapper and Reaper. Also bought SolarBeam for Trapper.
  • While I was doing all that, I got a call from Gina, who then gave me a Leaf Stone!
  • Trained Reaper up on some trainers I skipped earlier, then took on the gym.
  • Whitney was easy to defeat after I switched out Reaper to Basil against Miltank, and Magical Leaf 2HKOed.
  • After the battle, I used my Leaf Stone on Trapper, and he evolved into Victreebel!
  • Got the SquirtBottle and defeated Sudowoodo, then went to Ecruteak City.
  • After defeating Silver in the Burned Tower, releasing the beasts, and getting Surf at the theater, I challenged the gym.
  • Morty was tough but not tough enough to deal with Reaper's Pursuit, although he fell to Curse. Basil finished up with Magical Leaf.
  • Now that I could Surf, I did so with a Tentacool I fished up to catch Kermit the Poliwag in Violet City.
  • Also went through Union Cave to access the grass in the Ruins of Alph, where I caught Quetzal the Natu.
  • Trained them both up while exploring the rest of the cave and going to Olivine City.
  • Kermit evolved into Poliwhirl and Quetzal evolved into Xatu!
  • I had gotten the King's Rock from the depths of Slowpoke Well, and with some Evolution Editor help, Kermit evolved into Politoed!
  • Reached Olivine City and scaled Glitter Lighthouse, where I got a quest from Jasmine.
  • Surfed to Cianwood City, got the SecretPotion, then came back to heal Amphy.
  • Got a call from Baoba that the Safari Zone was open, I went back to Cianwood and made my way there.
  • Had to unlock the Area Customizer to get the Mountain area, so I waited for a few hours until it was.
  • Mountain unlocked, I caught several Larvitar before I found one I liked, and named him T-Rex.
  • Trained T-Rex on the water trainers I skipped on my way to Cianwood, then took on the Cianwood Gym.
  • Chuck was easy, Reaper was able to solo him with Wing Attack.
  • Got the Fly HM and taught it to Quetzal, then flew back to Olivine to take on Jasmine.
  • Jasmine was easy as well. T-Rex took out 1 Magnemite with Dig, then Kermit Surf'd Steelix and the other Magnemite to win.
  • Moved on through Mt. Mortar to Mahogony Town, and T-Rex evolved into Pupitar, and Basil evolved into Meganium!
  • I am now saved at the Lake of Rage.

Team Green:

Reaper the Lonely Scyther, ♂ - L30 @ Shell Bell
Ability: Technician
Moves: Wing Attack, Pursuit, Facade, Cut

Trapper the Jolly Victreebel, ♂ - L31 @ Silk Scarf
Ability: Chlorophyll
Moves: Facade, SolarBeam, Acid, Sleep Powder

Quetzal the Mild Xatu, ♂ - L30 @ Sharp Beak
Ability: Synchronize
Moves: Shadow Ball, Fly, Confuse Ray, Silver Wind

T-Rex the Impish Pupitar, ♂ - L30 @ Hard Stone
Ability: Shed Skin
Moves: Rock Slide, Thrash, Dig, Screech

Kermit the Calm Politoed, ♂ - L31 @ Mystic Water
Ability: Water Absorb
Moves: Surf, Body Slam, Mud Shot, Rain Dance

Basil the Bashful Meganium, ♂ - L32 @ Miracle Seed
Ability: Overgrow
Moves: Strength, PoisonPowder, Magical Leaf, Petal Dance

HM Slaves:

Sandshrew - Rock Smash, Cut, Strength [boxed]

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