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    Originally Posted by ★Hoenn★ View Post

    Lina looks great, although the right arm (left from here) disappears mid way, which is peculiar since the main characters should have clear, visible bodies xD.

    Actually, I tried to draw the arm but it didn't came out great, also I'm lazy... xD

    Originally Posted by ★Hoenn★ View Post

    That tileset looks really nice, complete with that custom cave-style. I think the tree's width at the ends of the green can be shortened, though.

    Thanks, the tileset is the one I'm working with the most, as I want to have it almost finished by the time I actually start using it. I'm not really sure what you meant by the "ends of the green". If that means the shadow, then I have to say it used to be shorter but it didn't blend well with the rest of the tileset that way.

    Originally Posted by ★Hoenn★ View Post

    The Fake, meh, you should to a revamp of him like you said xD. But still, everything's in place except for the eyes which should be smaller in comparison with the body to make it look less chibi.

    I'm disliking the fake now, it looks more like a Digimon than an actual GF-Styled Pokémon. I think it's too big, it makes it look too close and the fake in size its supposed to be much bigger.

    Originally Posted by ★Hoenn★ View Post

    The Froakie's eyes could use a bit of gleamening, becuz it's too wide to have only three colours in it.

    Done =D.

    I updated the froakie sprite and tweaked a little the Fakedex. The font in the example and the font provided below were a little different, also I did some minor changes to it.

    I'll be adding more sprites to the collection very soon!


    Please forgive my horrible english as it's not my primary language.

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