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    My life has always been dull. Nobody else plays Pokemon besides me. My school doesn't like the games that much. That was until my room got a new kid. His name was Micheal. I sat next to him once in the computer lab when we were typing up some boring things. My first question to him was; "Pokemon?" He imediatly replyed with a; "You to?" About a month later he said he got two Pokemon Yellow games on accident. He gave on to me but... My cartridge had Pikachu but, Pikachu looked like he was in pain.

    Later that day after school I searched my entire house for one of my 2 Gameboys. My suprise. There it was. In the trash pile along with my N64, and a couple of other games. I charged it. I could'nt wait to re-live my childhood. Pokemon Crystal was my first game, but I got it with Pokemon Stadium 2 and Pokemon Yellow. "Finally!" I yelled out. "Mom if you need me I'll be in my room!"

    Apon putting the cartridge into the Gameboy, my Gameboy froze. I said "Damn! It must be old or broken!" But I was wrong. It finally worked. The game started up with the opening scenes with Pikachu surfing and flying but when he went for Thunder Bolt in the opening it stopped. The game went straight to the NEW GAME and OPTIONS. I selected NEW GAME. Everything was the same. I finally got to the part when old Oak went and caught the Pikachu. It already had a name though even in the wild. Its name was; OW. OW was a Lv:100 Pikachu. I thought it was a programing error. But I recived him in the lab and my Rival; Timothy; did'nt battle me. I though "He does this normally get over there and battle me!" Pikachu came out of its Pokeball. Everything was normal until... You guessed it. Lavender Town. The place of almost all CreepyPasta's. We went into the tower to get a Gastly. We had the scope since the Dark Cave for some reason. A Ghost appeared and it was a Gastly. I used Thunder Bolt on it and the game replied saying; "Pikachu took recoil damage!" Gastly was'nt hurt at all! I tried Thunder Blot again. Same thing. About 1 Minuter later I through my Ultra-Ball and caught it. I used it the Gastly but Pikachu switched out right away! I was stuck! "Pikachu used Scrapes! Its Super Effective! Pikachu used Thunder Bolt! It took recoil damage!" I knew Scrapes was'nt a move. "Pikachu used Struggle! It succesfully commited Suicide!" I won the battle. Pikachu commited suicide. Suddenly my room lights turned off. I turned it back up to get a message saying. "The save file has been corrupted! Please select New Game"

    About one month later I realized Micheal wasn't at school. Maybe he got the same effects to? I hoped not.

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