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    Originally Posted by Pichu2Pikachu2Raichu View Post
    A Pokemon game set in medieval times?

    Let me at it, sounds like a great idea.

    If you ever do make it let me know, it would be a cool game.
    Originally Posted by T-Zombie View Post
    This seems like it would be really fun! :cer_nod:
    Can you tell me if (and when) you will make thanks.
    But you should do like a side plot thing because it would be fun to slay a dragonight and save a princess
    I really appreciate that you both liked! I decided to do it and I'm working on the visual part which is the most important and difficult part. Probably the story won't b like the others. And I won't let anyone slay any pokémon! even Dragonite (one of my favorite pokémons )!