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Ahhh yeah the winter wolf update looks great! When you play to your strengths, I think good things come out! There's not much to say until you finish it up, since I feel like most of the things I would say now have the potential of being fixed up as you go-- so I'll just say: Looks great right now! *V*7

Anyway, yeah I can see how the anime proportions can start to feel kind of ??? after practicing a lot of western and realism styles, but I'd just play around with what you know and what you feel looks best! And you know, if you feel more comfortable with the Red Witch/Wolf style, it'd be really cool to see where that goes as well! (Personally I'm a huge supporter of 'If it doesn't look good to me, it doesn't look good to other people', so the aesthetic of it all is the big winner, rather than the anatomy of it!)