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Sounds fun, I wouldn't mind being stuck on the island at all. Before leaving for the journey, I would have to learn a little bit about cooking and basic first aid. I would have to learn how to make a fire by using items found in the island. Rocks, twigs, leaves.

For my Pokemon partners: I'll be honest, I prefer to be stuck with some of my favorite Pokemon.

Watchog, my favorite Pokemon, and I would love him to keep me company. Teach it cut so it makes it easier to cut fruits and nuts found in the island, with its night vision, it can help us look out for dangers at night too.

Dewott, teach it Ice Beam before leaving journey. Along with water gun, Ice Beam would be perfect to freeze water and use them as ice cubes for both drinks, and any bruises we get in the island. It would make a perfect swimming companion on hot days. Plus we could fish for food (if seafood is available - swimming underwater, near the island)

Mienfoo, again as a companion for us to not be lonely. Teach it strength to move boulders around and create a cave to sleep in when it rains on the island. Also with another fighting attack it can break ice into smaller pieces and add them to tropical drinks, hoping that the ice doesn't break into tiny unusable pieces.

want to add: at least all 3 have soft warm fur, so if it snows on the island, at least I'll be warm too.

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