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Haha Love the new sig, Necrum :D

Small Update on Mono-Fighting on Yin Black (sorry been busy)

1-Defeated Cress got first badge (was a bit difficult)
2-Defeated Cheren in the 3rd batle (recorded)
3-Saved the girls Pokemon from Team Plasma with help from Cheren, farmed the cave looking for the fighting types the appear there.

NoLady (Mankey) f
Ruby (Machop) m

Still looking for a Timburr..

Mephiss the Pignite (m) Level 22
Arken the Kirlia (m) Level 21
NoLady the Mankey (f) Level 15
Ruby the Machop (m) Level 17

NoLady and Ruby are minor team mates...don't know if they'll be premanent at this point time will tell

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