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    So today as posting this is the 10th anniversary of the release of Ruby and Sapphire in the Americas. I know that the day that should count , should be the one released in Japan but oh well. This is mostly about why i love this game and i'm exicted today is the 10th anniversary. Now this pokemon region is the second Pokemon game i ever played (blue being second). And I think it's the best and i had the most memories playing. I know this game got the most hate but i think its truly under rated. Now this is just my opinion, i have played every Pokemon game but the original gold/silver and black and white 2. There's just something in this game that makes me smile and remember good memories of playing. I don't know if its the awesome starters, the exciting adventure, stopping team Magma/Aqua or the bright colors and new pokemon. The game i chose was Sapphire, just because i thought Kyogre was so cool. Little fact i still have my original Kyogre to this day. I don't know where my game went but oh well, what can you do. I also had Emerald too! So i'm going to give you some facts about these games (plus some Emerald facts maybe) then back to why i love this game. This is the first game to have 2 on 2 battles. As a kid at the time this was mind blowing (14 now). I could have my two favorite pokemon kick butt at the same time! The first pokemon game and only to have secret base. I know Diamond/Pearl had one but i hated how it was done and i just don't want to count that mess. There was different holes in certain areas where you could have your own base (tree,bush,rock). This was cool because you could have your own place to chill after a long training session. I don't know why they got rid of it because this was awesome. Customization was bare at the time but they could had more if they did a remake (which they should >:L). First region to have ribbions/contests. All i got to say to that is the anime contests were much better then the game. IV and EV systems were refined. Each town is a compound word (For-tree City, Moss-deep city and more). If your interested in more facts about Hoenn and its games. I recommend ElegandEnsue's video "Hoenn Region"

    I mostly loved the bike where you hopped around in the game. I loved it i used to bunny hop into battles all the time. I love how the region is very huge too. Many paths and roads all around. So thats all i'm going to tell you. I do recommend watching the video.
    My Top 5 pokemon in Hoenn! No order.
    1. Rayquaza
    2. Metagross
    3. All 3 Hoenn starters (Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip)
    4. Absol
    5. Corphish
    Happy birthday (again!) Ruby and Sapphire!
    "Pokevlog- The Hoenn Region Spotlight"
    By: ElegantEnsue (can't post link cause i need 15 posts >.<)
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